Want to write a book that gets your message out? 

You need the PERFECT idea for your book that will make your reader say “Yes! THIS is what I want to know!” AND not give them too much? Or worse... get off topic.

And when you FIND that idea it lights YOU up. You can't WAIT to write it (and you don't get stuck!)

What’s missing is the magic bullet:  

WHAT to write about! Here’s a hint: not every idea is a great book idea. You need a single exciting book idea that: 

  • Honors the message YOU want to share.
  • Is something you are excited to write (and proves you’re an expert – you wrote the book on it after all!)
  • Attracts just the right people to your book and encourages them to BUY your book.
  • Delivers exactly what you promised (offering your reader a powerful transformation) and nothing else.
  • Leaves room for the reader to want more!
  • Your price: $197 $97
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Kim’s Book Idea Workbook is a great resource to begin writing my book. It was amazing to me to see how many ideas I have waiting to be expressed.

I felt I was drilling down into my essential message with each exercise, which brought me greater awareness of what I was REALLY enthusiastic to write about, rather than what I should be writing about!

Marina McQueen, Energy Healer and Intuitive Coach

I thought I didn’t have anything to write… And that I was light years away from starting to write my book.  

I thought it would be hard, complicated, and time consuming.  

Kim’s Book Idea Workbook meant that I didn’t have to start from scratch AND that I didn’t have to guess what my book should be about. She’s right, the idea really is the hardest part. But this workbook makes that easy!

Victoria Goitia-Kemp, Feng Shui Expert

One interesting thing that came out of all this free writing and idea creating is that after the free writing was over my mind continued to go off freely on its own. Then something funny happened. I realized I had a new mission, for a new niche, that I didn’t even see before.

So here is what I honestly think of the Book Idea Workbook. It is a valuable tool not only for generating book ideas, but it is also a tool that will allow you to hone in on other areas that you probably would not have thought of venturing. In my case I saw an opportunity that I know can use my expertise and that I would be passionate about.

Pangeline Edwards, Coach

I struggled with focusing on the ONE thing I wanted to write about.

The exercises in the Book Idea Workbook flushed out what was deep in my heart and not only allowed me to pinpoint what my first book needs to be, it gave me great ideas for book #2 (and 3).

Erin Copelan, Author

Hi, I'm Kim

Hi, I'm Kim Galloway, best-selling author of over 20 books, and I help message-driven authors finally write their books so they can share their message, help the people they’re meant to help, and get more clients.

The Book Idea Workbook (which is the pre-work for ALL of my VIP Clients in my 5-part, proven Finally Write Your Book System) has been responsible for helping authors around the world discover the BEST book topic so they can finally share their message.

PLUS generate a ton of ideas for blog posts, podcasts, programs, and more.

With it, you eliminate all the guesswork about “is this a good book” and will have a proven process to know exactly what needs to be in your book (and what is a future book or course!)

Use & enjoy!

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